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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Playoff Possibilities

Albert tries to explain how SLU winning is a good thing.

After this past weekend Clarkson has locked up at least an 8th place finish, in turn the highest they can finish is 5th. Here's a list of scenarios involving the other three teams, RPI, Union and Harvard, in contention for you to ponder heading into the weekend.

Starting with the worst case and working our way up:

0 Points
Even with all the other teams losing, Clarkson would take 8th.

1 Point
If RPI is swept and Clarkson takes one point, Clarkson jumps to 7th. If RPI takes one or more points Clarkson is back to 8th.

2 Points
Taking two points this weekend combined with Union and RPI losing twice will put the Knights into 6th spot. This is due to Clarkson's winning tie break over Union in the record versus the league's top four. However, if Union, Clarkson, and RPI end up in a three way tie, the Knights fall to the bottom of the list due to the combined head to head record. This puts Union in 6th, RPI in 7th and Clarkson in 8th.

3 Points
Here's were things start getting interesting. Three points with a win over Harvard can put Clarkson into 5th place as long as SLU beats Harvard the previous night and Union and RPI both take one point or less on the weekend. A tie with Harvard goes to the Knights due to a head to head sweep. A three way tie with Union, Harvard, and Clarkson puts Clarkson in 5th, Union in 6th and Harvard in 7th. A four way tie puts Union in 5th, RPI in 6th, Clarkson in 7th and Harvard in 8th.

4 Points
Even taking four points this weekend can still put the Knights in 8th place if RPI sweeps, Union takes two points, and Harvard beats SLU on Friday. All the scenarios from the three point weekend still apply and Clarkson could end up anywhere from 5th to 8th with a weekend sweep.

Just your average end of the year in the ECAC(HL)


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