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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

CHF Interview with Women's Head Coach Rick Seeley - 3/1/06

Rick Seeley, the head coach of Clarkson's Women's Hockey Team joins us for a second time as he his squad prepares for the opening round of the ECAC(HL) playoffs at Bright Hockey Center when the Golden Knights face the Harvard Crimson this weekend. Coach Seeley currently holds a 50-41-10 record in his third season at Clarkson. While coach is sporting the serious hockey pose in that pic, he's a pretty cool guy and we appreciate him joining us.

CHF: How did the team handle their last second defeat last weekend? How do you as a coach get them to focus on next weekend?

Coach Seeley: Initially it’s pretty devastating to give up a last minute second period goal, third period goal and overtime goal. In retrospect they realized pretty quickly that they controlled nearly every aspect of the game. This was the first time that we played our hearts out and had an unfavorable outcome. I think this is a barrier that we’re final over, and I think they’re excited to go out there and close up the deal this weekend.

CHF: What’s it going to take to beat Harvard twice at Bright this weekend?

Coach Seeley: We feel like we have controlled both games that we played against Harvard this season. Obviously the tempo should be a little faster, but we're confident if we play our game the outcomes should go our way.

CHF: Which Harvard players are you keeping an eye on this weekend.

Coach Seeley: I think Jennifer Raimondi is one. She was in on all of the three goals on Saturday. We have to key in on her a little more. I think when you key on any one player it brings the team into focus a little bit more as well.

CHF: Four out of your last five losses have been to tough Ivy League schools. Do you think Clarkson’s longer schedule is an advantage or a disadvantage coming into the end of the season?

Coach Seeley: It’s definitely an advantage early in the season. We played Harvard in our sixth week, while they’re were their third. I don’t think it matters at this point of the season as playoffs approach. Our season is 34 games and that’s what we plan for every year.

CHF: Do you think Kira Hurley will be a Patty Kazmeier finalist in the future?

Coach Seeley: I think she has every opportunity to be. Obviously she’s down to one last shot. She’s progressed very well each season, and this year she’s struggled a little bit with inconsistency, but I think that’s part of the process. If we can get her a little more scoring support next year, she’ll have the opportunity to have better numbers.

CHF: I know I’m putting you on the spot here, but who’s would be your choice for PattyKaz right now?

Coach Seeley: I would say Sara Bauer of Wisconsin right now because she’s the most complete player on her team in terms of skill and leadership.

CHF: Anything new on the recruiting front?

Coach Seeley: I believe the last time we talked we only had Carlee Eusepi committed. Things look very positive, we’re very close to securing things with four more players, which we think will bring things to the next level.

CHF: Do you peruse the Internet Forums such as the Roundtable at all?

Coach Seeley: Absolutely none… except this blog.

CHF: What are your overall feelings about this team this year?

Coach Seeley: Clearly it’s been a great season for us with many little successes along the way. Regardless of the outcome of this weekend, it’s been a great season, and I believe we’ve achieved far more than anyone anticipated.


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