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Monday, March 06, 2006

Cooking with Gas!

This week will be just as crazy as the last, as Brett will preview each of the ECAC quarterfinal matchups on the men's side, plus I'll take a look at the ECAC Final Four on the women's side. We'd like to think that we both handled ourselves pretty well last week, except for the Brown women making my Dartmouth upset prediction look foolish, but then again nothing could be worse than Brett's o-fer earlier in the season.

Clarkson Hockey color man Josh Bartell will also join us to recap the Princeton series, and take a closer look at the Clarkson v. Cornell series before he heads off to Ithaca to do his schtick at Lynah Rink.

We'd also like to take a moment to thank Western College Hockey for the links and support, they make us feel good about ourselves, but we really think they just want to be invited to our Commissioner's Cup Party. They're also doing some solid previews of the CCHA and WCHA so if you're interested in hockey out west, now is the time to stop by.

Colorado College also has a blog now meaning Lets Go DU has someone to trade witty comments with. UMD has yet another blog called Runnin' With the Dogs which is a bit more surreal than the majority of hockey blogs out there. Finally, I actually ran into CSTV's Rink Rat over at Bright Hockey Center during Friday night's playoff game. He was stopping in during a swing through Boston and blogged his experience at the game. Plus the man looked up scores for the Princeton / Clarkson game for me, and anyone who provides me with the news that Clarkson is thumping another team in the playoffs gets a thumbs up from me.


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