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Friday, April 07, 2006

Last Game of The Season

What gives?! Having the opening round of the Frozen Four on a Thursday is pretty ridiculous. It turns out I missed a pretty high scoring affair between Boston College and North Dakota, which BC won 6-5. All accounts of the game were pretty lopsided in favor of BC, as they busted out to 5-2 and 6-3 leads in the second and the third. Despite this, North Dakota made a hell of a game out of it, scoring a short handed goal with about four minutes left in the game, and then an extra-attacker notch with thirteen seconds left. I couldn't imagine how devastating it would've been had UND found a way to tie it up.

I did catch a good portion of the night cap, that had Wisconsin doing just enough to stay ahead of Maine the entire way. It looked like Maine was going to try to mount a come back after cutting the deficit down to 3-2 in the third, with some really intelligent goaltending by Ben Bishop. Bishop continued keeping the puck alive, and the action brisk, which finally broke down Wisconsin and provided Maine some good scoring opportunities, one of which hit the back of the net. Wisconsin was able to respond immediately though giving them a two goal cushion, and an empty netter at the end of the game finished the deal.

So it's Hockey East / WCHA tomorrow at 7:00 on ESPN. I'm not sure if it's the camera angles or what, but these guys are all flying out there. The pieces of it that I've had the opportunity to watch have been top quality, and it should be an awesome game. I'm still annoyed that they would choose to have the Frozen Four on a Thursday/Saturday as opposed to Friday/Sunday. Is ESPN showing the NCAA Gymnastics championship on Sunday or something? While the Frozen Four is not March Madness, it's always a sell-out draw come finals, and a lot of fun to watch on television. Combine this with having some top tier commentators, and it becomes even better. Why leave a bunch of hockey fans out to dry by having the games on Thursday, especially when you're out west. In the future, go 5:00p/8:00p and on Friday/Sunday so we can all watch!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 5 pm and 8 pm semis would not work since these are separate admission games so they need enough time to clear out the arena after the first game.
Great site, absolutely love it.

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