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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cole Wants In

Former Clarkson star Erik Cole mentioned in a pre-game skate that he hoped to get into game six or game seven of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and that he feels like he's ready to go. His coach pretty much quashed that immediately saying that based on tests taken three weeks ago, that his season was over, but rumor is spreading that he's set to undergo another round of tests in the next day or two. If he clears those and gets medical clearance, there's still an outside chance of him hitting the ice during the Stanley Cup.

It's always tough to read hockey coaches because unlike football, it's part of the game to mask injuries and progress to protect their players, but Laviolette seems adamant that Erik won't be on the ice again this season. Still it'd be nice just to see him take an opening faceoff in front of an insane crowd.


Anonymous -- HP said...

It's a big risk for Laviolette -- would he risk Cole's getting re-injured and taking a roster spot -- just to have a chance to skate in the Playoffs? PL does have Games 6 & 7 in his back pocket if Cole suits up for G5...

Speaking of re-injury, Laraque and Pronger could put a pretty mean hit on Cole. I'd hate to see him out permanently...but would LOVE to see him play too. Let's hope the tests come back positive in time.

12:17 PM

Blogger Goon said...

This isn't going to happen. Cole is out for the playoffs.

9:26 AM


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