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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

CHF Preseason Interview with Josh Bartell

CHF regular and former Clarkson Golden Knight, Josh Bartell joins us as the season rapidly approaches to talk about all things Clarkson and NCAA hockey as well as some other random stuff. Josh currently moonlights as a color man with Bob Ahlfeld on Cool 95.3's broadcasts of Clarkson Hockey, and will join us throughout the season offering his words of wisdom to us.

CHF: Have you had a chance to see the team at all?

Josh Bartell: Not on the ice just at the locker room and weight room. They are under tight restrictions from the NCAA on how much they can skate.

CHF: So the coaches and media poll came out on Monday, and probably the most surprising thing was Clarkson got five first place votes from the coaches. Are these guys on to something?

Josh Bartell: I take the coaches over the media... here's why. The coaches are so acutely aware of what teams have for recruits and returning talent. They advance scout teams to learn tendencies and weaknesses.

They know far more then local media would about the league as a whole.
I had a vote in the media poll and I couldn't tell you the first thing about Yale or Brown's chances this season. I only see them once or maybe twice a season, a coach will see those same games and then hours of tape before and after each game. I think the coaches can take the work as a whole and add in what they know about each teams recruits. The media will not have that working knowledge about what players each school is adding to last years mix

CHF: With the bar set high, can the team meet expectations?

Josh Bartell: I think the team has set those type of goals despite the predictions so the preseason rankings do not have that much bearing on the preseason pressure.

CHF: As a former player yourself, what did you do during the summer to prepare yourself for the season? Has this really changed at all over the years with the new practice rules?

Josh Bartell: We had a prescribed workout program each summer. You are tested for a variety of strength, speed, and endurance tests at the end of the spring semester. Then there were expectations of improvements in some areas and maintaining others. Testing was done again in the fall and those results were heavily scrutinized. The new rules allow for less on ice preparation as a team so a player has to make sure they are in peak condition. With less on ice prep the risk of injury can increase if you are not in good shape

CHF: Do you think the amount of on-ice time that a team is given to prepare is adequate enough?

Josh Bartell: Probably not, but that's the price you pay for playing games earlier. The Ivies refuse to start earlier, so they are behind when it comes to early season games, but maybe they are better off because they can spend more preseason time in practice.

CHF: What do you think the keys to a successful Clarkson season are?

Josh Bartell: Win on the road. A few big wins early in the season on the road and this team will have the confidence to play their way into a ECAC final four bid and maybe more

CHF: Do you think we'll see any changes in the way games are officiated this year?

Josh Bartell: Sure, the success of the "New" NHL has already prompted USA Hockey to enforce a tighter game and college will continue to crack down on obstruction and stickwork. That will help this club. Lots of skill and speed will thrive with more room to maneuver

CHF: What do you think of the new recruits that are coming in for this season?

Josh Bartell: I have yet to see them in action so much of what I know is anecdotal. The nice part is that there is such a solid core of veterans, that there will be less pressure for these kids to come in and have to meet unreal expectations

CHF: Going back to the new rules, do you think the change in goalie pad size will make any difference in offensive output?

Josh Bartell: Some but I don't think they have that big a impact. I think goalies will enjoy the greater range of motion with a less bulky pad

CHF: Speaking of goalies, has Garth Snow lost his mind? How about the owner of the Isles,

Josh Bartell: The DiPietro contract is shocking at first but I think is bad for the player in the long term. It doesn't make him a very high paid goalie four years from now, especially if he turns out to be an elite goalie. Why would you want to be that tied up with a team, what if they just continue to flounder? Do you really want to be on a bad team for 15 years?

CHF: How was your softball team this summer?

Josh Bartell: Didn’t play. Spent 2 weeks doing Can Am hockey school with former Knight Rodger Huiatt in Lake Placid. Had dinner with a another former Knight, Ted Cline. Big bruising forward from the mid 80's

CHF: Did you make the golf outing at Turning Stone?

Josh Bartell: No, I am not a big enough donor...apparently the $300 I drop in Club 99 each season doesn't count toward alumni giving.

CHF: Any road-trips that you would recommend for the fans to book in advance?

Josh Bartell: Wisconsin. 18000 fans. Defending National Champs. I would make sure people get their fannies in the seats for the Lake State weekend and when BGSU and Miami come to town.

CHF: You flying or road tripping it with Bob and Gary?

Josh Bartell: I would go on every trip if I could but work and kids hockey usually interfere.

CHF: Will they be trotting you out for a little wave to the fans for the 2000th game? Any special festivities that you've heard about?

Josh Bartell: I have no idea what they have in store, I am sure that me trotting anywhere is not in the books. I was a healthy scratch for the program's 1000th victory so milestones are not so big with me.

CHF: Alright, one more question and we’ll let you go.. Predictions for the Men and Women this year?

Josh Bartell: I have a tough time with predictions, I am more of analyist, but here it goes:

Rick has had great success, they won't be sneaking up on anyone this year, but the addition of Matt Desrosiers will balance that out. They are a top four ECAC team and will win their first ever post-season series. This is a year that I think the Men will restore the glory of Clarkson Hockey! Is that a gutless enough prediction for you?


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