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Thursday, March 22, 2007

College Hockey 24 hours a day!

The Knights have graciously accommodated the Northern New York and New England fans by winning a #1 seed, and the accompanying Rochester location. Yet still, some of us can not attend the event due to:

(a) having not convinced the significant other that these games are vital to the family's health


(b) having not calculated the ROI to gain the supervisors approval for your days off.

Those that are stuck in the garage with me, can now watch all the games somewhere on the tube. Previously the NC$$ had made finding "your game" a difficult task. This has changed somewhat with their new broadcast central site. Unfortunately, the distribution rights are not determined beforehand, so check back often for updates!

If you subscribe to DirectTV Sportspack (Ch 609) or Dish Network Top 250 (Ch 148), the selection is easy. All games will be shown on ESPNU, although some are on tape delay. Now just get the remote, frosty beverage, and wing sauce ready!

Knight fans that live in the Albany area can watch Time Warner TW3 or CH1 for a full helping of games. Syracuse residents will get a slightly less filling plate of college games, though the Knights will be covered.

Other alternatives that may be in your area include
Comcast (CN8)

Those that are stuck on top of a mountain with a connected laptop can watch it on the CN8 stream.

Finally, if you don't see it on the USCHTV site...try moving to Hawarden, Iowa..where apparently all 2600 residents are college hockey fans!

Happy viewing and LGT!!!


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