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Friday, February 29, 2008

And so it comes down to this..

Princeton. Who would've thought? Sure we can count on them being a thorn in the Women's side, but who would've thought the Tigers would be bringing their Men's team into town on the final weekend of the season to battle for the ECAC Regular Season Championship?

This weekend is UUUUUUUGE for both Golden Knight teams entering this weekend. For the men, a win over Princeton, and Clarkson will seal the conference and add a spiffy new banner to Cheel, they'll likely pave the road for an NCAA tournament appearance barring a complete melt-down in the ECACHL quarterfinals.

For the Women, they're on the wrong side of the Pairwise bubble right now. It comes down to this: a sweep of Princeton and there's a chance at leap-frogging Connecticut. Anything less and they'll need to fight their way through the tournament or hope for some UConn losses. It's that simple. If anything is clear, this is the team that can bring home Clarkson's first playoff series win.

If you're in Potsdam, it's hockey weekend. 3:30 today for the Women, 7:00 for the Men. Tune in, listen, show up, do what you need to do!


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