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Friday, September 12, 2008

Bold Predictions

Hello hockey fans! CHF is back on the air after a summer that just seemed to melt away. In between innings of Ron rooting for the Red Sox and Brett pulling for the Cubs, we looked at the calendar and realized it's just a month from the start of hockey season, and two months from the start of ECAC play.

In the past we have built up, somewhat slowly, our predictions for the league standings. Sometimes not getting them done before the season started. So this year I will paint the league with one broad stroke then go into detailed capsules of each team and why I made the picks the way I did.

So after little thought and deliberation here is our prediction for the ECAC standings:

1. Harvard
2. Cornell
3. Princeton
4. Clarkson
5. Union
6. SLU
7. RPI
8. Yale
9. Quinnipiac
10. Colgate
11. Dartmouth
12. Brown


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