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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Chat with Josh Bartell - Part 1

This week, Josh Bartell has been kind enough to join us to chat about Golden Knights Hockey, and a bunch of stuff in between. Josh was a Golden Knight defenseman from 1992-1996 where he was a member of the 1995 ECAC Regular Season Champions, and the 1993 ECAC Tournament Champions. The color man for Clarkson Hockey on Cool 95.3, Josh has been on a line with Bob Ahfeld since the Cornell game in 1998 when Willie Mitchell hit Cornell coach Mike Schafer in the head with a clearing attempt, drawing blood and the ire of every Big Red Fan.

CHF: It's been a rough stretch recently for the Golden Knights right now, what's going wrong with this team right now, and how do they fix it?

Josh Bartell: They are in a stretch where goals have been hard to come by. The more you struggle to score the more the problem compounds itself, especially with young players.

CHF: Is there any fix for this Josh, or does this just come with experience?

Josh Bartell: This team is playing hard and creating chances so they just have to stay the course and relax. Not stressing around the net will help change that luck. Experience helps… A Hugo Belanger or Todd White was a lot more patient around the net as a junior or senior, than when they were freshman.

CHF: Which player do you think works hardest on the ice?

Josh Bartell: Different areas have different guys. On the penalty kill I like the way Brodie Rutherglen and Nick Dodge kill penalites. David Cayer and Mike Sullivan have shown great consistent effort along with Dodge offensively. Chris Brekelmans works hard every game, a great leader in that sense. As a former defenseman, I would have to admit, I would hate to take a peek over my shoulder while going back for a puck and see Weller coming after me. He attacks hard and quick.

CHF: Anybody on the team remind you of yourself as a Knight?

Josh Bartell: No one has that bad of a set of hands!!!

CHF: What do you think the strongest part of this team is?

Josh Bartell: Coaching and raw talent. The talent level is now there and the coaches have been getting that talent to play well. Even during this latest slide the team is still competing while other teams could have just packed it in.

CHF: Speaking of the coaching, you mentioned that you were coached by George and Greg when they were assistants, how have they changed over the past ten years?

Josh Bartell: Less hair, but better dressed.

CHF: It’s gonna be tough to follow that one.

Josh Bartell: They haven't changed much in their approach to the game, work hard, be honest. These guys are also big on being a good citizen on campus and in the community.

CHF: Do you think the strong play at home is tied into experience level?

Josh Bartell: I think the home success is tied to level of experience. Cheel is actually not much of a home ice advantage.

CHF: Why not?

Josh Bartell: The younger kids may feel more comfortable at home, but Cheel is not that intimidating noise wise. The students have been great this year, but it still is not that crazy when compared to Lynah or the Gut. Also it is nice in the rink. That sounds crazy, but a former Harvard goalie told me they loved playing there because, "You had nice locker rooms, right next to the kitchen, the place was clean and there was a good crowd.”

CHF: Can Cheel ever get to a Walker like atmosphere?

Josh Bartell: Walker v. Cheel, I take Walker for games and Cheel for practice. It is a different era and the size of the building would not lend to Cheel being that intimate an atmosphere.

CHF: Clarkson changes jerseys almost every year, what's your favorite?

Josh Bartell: One of my favorites was from around 84, home white with KNIGHTS scripted across the front. Next would have to be the 96 home white with the CLARKSON across the front with the number below it. Very classy.

CHF: Least favorite?

Josh Bartell: The shimmering gold late 90's and the Notre Dame gold attempt; I think the change is good every once in a while. Tradition is in the win and losses not in the fabric.

More from Josh tomorrow morning...


Anonymous Captain Video said...

Barts is awesome!

Of course, being a Class of '96 grad myself, I'm biased.

1:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

His Uncle had much better "hands" and, even though 10 years older, has much more hair than Josh....

8:27 PM


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