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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hold the Cream Cheese

While we don't follow D3 hockey all that closely, this piece by USCHO's Russell Jaslow just blows my mind. Apparently that big series that Coach Roll mentioned down in Oswego against their archrival Plattburgh was done in by an errant bagel thrown by an idiotic fan after previously receiving a warning. After scoring and bringing the game 3-2 with about eleven left in the game, a bagel hits the ice and Oswego is called for a bench minor. This of course leads to a power-play goal, and then the inevitable empty netter. The real clincher? The end of Oswego's season and the last game ever at their arena. Crazy. By the way, the box score was pretty interesting too. Ryan Koresky got not one, but TWO game disqualifications. I guess it IS the end of the season.


Anonymous daredevilcu said...

Looking at the box score, I was really amused to see that the referee was Dan Murphy.

11:55 PM

Anonymous Your Mom's Guac said...

That isn't the first nor the last time that will happen. At Plattsburgh it is tennins balls, Oswego it is bagels. Chances are that it was a Plattsburgh fan who threw the bagel, usually is.

11:53 AM


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