Did You Know: The Clarkson Hockey program has amassed 10,001 goals since the 1920-21 season?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Most Impressive.

I took in a good portion of the Boston College / Wisconsin game and it was a lot of fun to watch. The final two minutes were fairly insane, and for it to end with a shot ringing off the post with a second remaining was amazing. A big thumbs up to the officiating crew, who decided to go to the replay despite the fact that the Wisconsin bench had emptied to celebrate. Best to make sure that the game was decided properly as Buffalo Sabres fans will point our regularly. Of course, congratulations to the Wisconsin Badgers on the Championship Season.

So with Hockey Season over where does this leave us?

Brett and I will be doing our best to update the site a couple of times a week with:

  • Updates on Clarkson Alumni in the NHL
  • Recruiting Updates for both the Men and Women
  • Random interviews whenever we can snag them.
  • Musings about hockey in general, both college and pro.
  • Complaining or unnecessary praise for the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox
  • Links to other college hockey blogs.
  • and uh.. much much more!


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