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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Interview with Be A Bruin's Adam Campana

Former Clarkson Golden Knight Adam Campana joins us to talk about NESN's reality series Be A Bruin. Adam was 1 of 36 selected for the final roster of the television show which airs this Fall, with the winners getting a spot in the Boston Bruins' training camp.

CHF: Why don't you tell us what exactly Be A Bruin is and how you got involved?

Adam Campana: Be A Bruin is a reality TV series that selected the top 36 skaters in the New England area, out of those that tried out, in order to go to a week long training camp style tryout. They will pick the top forward, top defensemen and top goalie at the end of the week and they will move on to the Bruins camp in the Fall. A co-worker of mine told me about it because I hadn't seen it yet. I figured I would give it a shot and just have some fun with it and see what happens.

CHF: So you made the final 36 correct? How many people tried out?

Campana: Yes, I made the final 36. There were roughly 300 people to try out over a 2 month period

CHF: And how did they determine the final 36?

Campana: There were a number of drills that were all timed. Some were skating around the rink, stick handling through cones and shooting at targets. It was very similar to a skills competition. From this, they used a formula to pick the top

CHF: No fighting drills?

Campana: No, no fighting in the tryouts...I think the B's need more skill than they do fighters.

CHF: Speaking of skill, what was the level that you were seeing out there? We noticed quite a few college guys out there, most of them with Division-III experience.

Campana: The level I saw in my tryouts was not all that high. The level in the top 36 was much better. It was still not anything higher than what I've experienced before. There were some good players there though. Billy Tibbets, I felt, was my direct competition that I was going against, although I was impressed with some players that were still in juniors.

CHF: When did you find out you made the top 36?

Campana: I found out around mid- June.

CHF: Have you played with or against any of the guys out there before this?

Campana: I did play with one other player, but that was only a few months earlier. We played on the same team in the Chowder Cup Tournament.

CHF: Was Chowder served at the Chowder Cup Tournament?

Campana: Ha, no. Maybe if they moved it to a winter tournament.

CHF: You had a pretty major injury when playing for Orlando, were you expecting to play professional level hockey ever again?

Campana: Yes, it was a pretty scary injury. I wasn't sure if I would ever play again after that. I had a lot of time off after the injury and plenty of time to decide what I wanted to do next

CHF: How intense was the coverage from NESN? Did they spend the same amount of time equally or did they focus on certain players? The 46 year old guy comes to mind.

Campana: It was pretty intense, especially not having done anything like that before. There were sets of camera crews assigned to a few guys. So it seemed like each guy was getting an even amount of camera time

CHF: Do we have any classic reality television meltdowns to look forward to?

Campana: Haha, no meltdowns from me. I can't speak for anyone else what happened behind closed doors.

CHF: Do you keep in touch with any of your former Golden Knight teammates these days?

Campana: I do yes and I might see a few of them Thursday. I still talk with Zach Schwan, Kevin O'Flaherty, Chris Bahen, Tristan Lush, Mark Zwicky, John Sullivan pretty regularly. A few others I am still in touch with though

CHF: So what was it like skating around the ice with guys like Brad Park, Gerry Cheevers and Terry O'Reilly watching?

Campana: It was nice to meet those guys. Skating wise, it was never really something I thought about. I just enjoyed talking with them listening to their suggestions. They were really down to earth guys.

CHF: How close do you follow Clarkson these days? Any players from today's team that you wouldn't mind playing with?

Campana: I do not follow it as close as I would like sometimes. I've always kept a close eye on how they were doing as a team in the league, but never enough to know some of the current players.

CHF: Do you have a favorite moment as a Golden Knight?

Campana: My favorite time as a Golden Knight was probably playing at Harvard my freshman year in front of all my family and friends

CHF: So outside of a Bruins game, where's the best place to catch some hockey in the Boston area?

Campana: Other than catching some of the local college games, maybe the Manchester Monarchs of the AHL

CHF: And where do we go to catch a beer before the game?

Campana: Game On is a good place...ask for "Cornbread."

CHF: So should the Sox trade away a bat for some pitching, or do you think they're good to go?

Campana: I think they are looking good where they are at now. I think they have the most runs, so hopefully the pitching will be solid the rest of the way

CHF: Whaddya think of all of the BruinÂ’s moves. Aside from you, what do you think they need?

Campana: Haha. I think they have made some pretty good moves getting some size on the blue line. Well, getting rid of the Gill and replacing him with Chara was definately a good move.

CHF: You better watch it. You could run into Gill some day.. And then he wouldn't fight you.

Campana: Haha, I would hope Gill would fight me, he's almost got a foot on me

CHF: Do you forsee a revolution in the NHL with every team opening up a roster spot for a reality television show winner?

Campana: I don't foresee all the other teams doing such a show but I guess we'll see how the winners fair at Bruins Camp.

CHF: We would normally ask Dunkin' Donuts or TIm Horton's, but that's a ridiculous question here. So lets go with Black or "Lotsa' Cream, Lotsa Sugar?"

Campana: Definately Dunkin, and lotsa cream, lotsa sugar.

CHF: Are you concerned about getting some obsessed groupies who follow you everywhere after the show airs?

Campana: Haha, I don't see it happening. It's not playing on a major network so I think it will be actual hockey fans watching the show.

CHF: So when can we start ordering our Campana B's Jerseys?

Campana: I've got a home and away that they gave me. I wouldn't hold your breath to see them hanging in the stores though.

CHF: Well thanks for taking some time with us. Anything you want to say to your adoring fans in Potsdam?

Campana: Enjoy the warm weather while you can up there. Maybe I'll be seeing some of them sooner than later, I'm due for a road trip.


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