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Monday, July 17, 2006

New Staff, Bob Ahlfeld and More!

We're pleased to welcome the infamous MikeR '91 to the Clarkson Hockey Fans staff. Mike has been a long time contributor to the Golden Knights Hockey Roundtable and will be helping us dig up the good stuff on your favorite Clarkson players past, present and future. Rumor has it that Mike is so good, that he knows what kind of bratwurst Chris Rogles, Dave Reid and Kerry Ellis-Toddington were last seen eating after the 2.GBun matchup between Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg and Bremerhaven.

On Tuesday, we'll be chatting with the Voice of Clarkson Hockey, Bob Ahlfeld about the upcoming season, hockey in general, what's it like to be a big time North Country celebrity, and of course doughnut preference. Speaking of big time celebrities, we'll be getting in touch with Josh Bartell again in the coming weeks as well. If you have any suggestions for questions to ask Bob, please drop us an e-mail!


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