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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why We Like George Roll

Taken from Clarkson Athletics:

"Last year if you were to say we were going to go on the road and get three of four points we would have certainly taken it," stated George Roll. "This year we don’t have that same feeling. We want to take all four points. We played a very solid game on Friday night and I think we took a good Providence team by surprise. The following night at UMass, we certainly did not bring our "A" game. They always play us tough, but we found a way to gain the tie. As a team we were disappointed with our effort on Saturday, never mind the result. We did not play within our systems and we did not play to our expectations. If we are going to be a championship team, we can’t let those opportunities slip away. I am certainly proud, however, that we came back and found a way to tie the game up late."


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