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Monday, December 04, 2006

Pre-SLU Interview with Josh Bartell

Clarkson Hockey color commentator and former Golden Knight, Josh Bartell, joins us for a pre-SLU chat the day before the game game at Cheel Arena. In between Slap Shot quotes we managed to get this out of the affable Bartell:

CHF: So Josh, why don't you tell us what the rivalry means to you as a former Golden Knight yourself.

Josh Bartell: It is fun... something that connects the different generations... I love that my kids to go now and are excited for the game.

CHF: When people talk about the biggest rivalries in hockey, Clarkson and SLU get a mention, but usually don't end up at the top. What would be your argument for it being the best?

Josh: I think the History in terms of years back and the involvement of the towns. BC -BU is in one city, but this is Canton v. Potsdam.

CHF: What's the most memorable SLU game that you were part of? How about the most memorable that you've ever seen?

Josh: As a player it was sweeping them out of the playoffs in ‘93. Although my first game in the series was at Appleton and I was not quite ready for that. Best game seen was the ECAC final in Placid in ’99.

CHF: Do you see this match-up as a chance for underclassmen to step up, or upperclassmen to take control?

Josh: This is a chance for anyone to reveal themselves as a leader. This is a series that can make heroes out of anyone. The pressure here shows how you can play under intense conditions.

CHF: How do you feel about the games being on Tuesday's this year?

Josh: I hate it. 1 day of practice to prepare is not fun

CHF: What does that do to a team physically and mentally? What kind of game will we see out there?

Josh: Physically both teams are in the same boat, so maybe the Knights have an edge coming off the sweep. Over the years you don't see a lot of blowouts because both teams are well prepared for the game. I hope we see a game that is fast that is void of 12 PP's per team

CHF: Can you explain Clarkson's recent success on special teams, 5-16 PP 22-22 PK, in the past two games?

Josh: Hard Work. It is easy to get complacent on the power play...so a PP that works hard will create more chances for itself.

CHF: How important was getting Michael Grenzy back?

Josh: Very nice to get a big d back. He was missed as a defensive presence and offensively. I think he was missed more than most expected

CHF: This game falls before a long break for the team, do you see this as an advantage or disadvantage?

Josh: No. The only advantage is you don't spend the rest of the week before finals distracted about the game.

CHF: Your take on the Saints team this year?

Josh: I don't know much about them... I will do some research tomorrow before the game.

CHF: If you were winging it right now, complete with clichés, what would you say?

Josh: The team that usually wins is the one that can capture the emotion of the game with out turning it into a night of killing penalties. Well with the Democrats winning the midterms, the Red Sox winning a World Series more recently than the Yankees, this is one of those events that lets me know the world is ok.

Hope the students are out in full force tomorrow. They have been great and they can make the difference between a good crowd and an amazing crowd.

CHF: Is this the type of rivalry that if you were playing would you go out the next day and have a beer with the SLU guys, or punching them in the face?

Josh: Beer.

CHF: Who is going to step up and make a difference (be the hero) tomorrow?

Josh: Guthrie is going to bust out tomorrow.

CHF: I was shocked that you didn't say Lavoie. Any particular reason you're going with Shea?

Josh: Nope.

CHF: Prediction for tomorrow?

Josh: The game will be sold out?

CHF: Score?

Josh: 5-2

CHF: Lobster Thermador or Oyster Crackers and Fresca in the Barben Rooms?

Josh: Lobster.

CHF: Bob's hairpiece falls off during the game? Yes or no.

Josh: Bob's hairpiece fell off and landed on my back five years ago in Marquette MI and I haven't been able to get it off since.

Josh: "I never go out to intentionally hurt anybody...unless it is some thing important, like a league game." -Dick Butkus


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