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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Let the games begin!

I will be heading up to Clarkson this weekend and as a by-product of the trip will be catching the home-opener against Acadia University on Saturday where they will face the Axeman. The Axeman have opened up the season 0-2 and have not faced an NCAA opponent this season. After they take on the Golden Knights, they'll head over to match-up against UVM. Keep an eye out for plenty of commentary over the weekend after.

And hey people. Lets not forget, it's already a SLU weekend on Sunday. A big sports day. Unfortunately I'll be on the road and might not be able to catch the game on ESPNU at 4:00p. Sunday could be the perfect storm of sports for a Clarkson or SLU fan!


Blogger Todd said...

Good to see you again this weekend Ron. For the season opener, I expected a bigger crowd. Maybe it was the non-hockey-like weather.

It was good to see Tim Potter get some ice time in on Saturday. I thought he played a rather solid 30 minutes, only giving up the one 5-on-3 goal. I'd like to see what he can do against an actual D-I team.

A lot of the freshman played a good chunk of the second half of the game. Good chance to get acquainted with them a bit as well. Is it me or does Marks seem to be the feisty one of the bunch?

If only Sunday's result against SLU had been better....

9:08 PM


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