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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Your special teams are especially bad and don't get me started on your goaltending.

In hindsight the decision by the Bobcats to have throwback goaltending equipment night this evening was questionable.
Clarkson destroys Quinnipiac 8-0. Which you're saying to yourself wow, Clarkson's offense really tore it up and yeah they did.

Any team putting up an eight-spot deserve that scratch n' sniff sticker on the jersey at the end of the day. Here's the thing though, they were OUTSHOT 26-25. So not only was Clarkson's offense good, but Quinnipiac's goaltending was atrocious and certainly not helped by a special teams effort that gave up three SHGs including two on the same PP. The Bobcats had a gaudy 0.680 save percentage on the evening.

The Bobcats will be having some long discussions on the trip home this weekend, and will be preparing for their first-round matchup with Dartmouth, while Clarkson gets the bye in the first round and thanks to some bounces in other games are that much closer to securing an NCAA Tournament berth.


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