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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RIT Seats are Moving Fast

Clarkson opens their 2008-2009 campaign on the road at RIT and Niagara. As the Knights look to build upon last season's successes, these early games will prove to be a good barometer of where the team stands after losing a very talented senior class. To help the Knights along the Clarkson Alumni Association has been putting two events together to get a solid Green and Gold crowd at RIT's Ritter Arena and at Niagara's Dwyer Arena. As of right now the Rochester Chapter has sold 108 tickets to the Friday game. If anyone from the Buffalo chapter reads this and wants to post a comment as to how ticket sales are going, feel free. I believe the band is making the hike down from Potsdam as well and should provide a very good college atmosphere both nights. If you would like tickets to either event log on to the Clarkson Alumni Page and sign up.


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Note: Not all garbage plates look that disgusting. Mmm...plates.

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that plate is in serious need of photoshop

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