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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Chat with Josh Bartell - Part 2

Our chat with Clarkson Hockey commentator Josh Bartell '96 continues. If you missed Part 1, click here!

CHF: You've been noted with some memorable quotes such as, "Roughing in hockey is like speeding in NASCAR." and "It's almost time to take your shirt off. Yours not mine." Do you find it easier to come up with quotes off the cuff, or do you plan them out in advance?

Josh Bartell: Just make them up. That's probably why they don't work well with women. The best was the whole Mercyhurst debacle with P.J. Hiscock. Nuff said.

CHF: So Josh, when you walk into the room with a couple of doughnuts, does Bob do one of these: "IT COULD BE A BAGEL no just a doughnut... IS IT CUSTARD CREME no just powdered…"

Josh Bartell: He is too busy eating the doughnut to talk. We aren't the best looking tandem in the ECAC for nothing. I swear his proclamation of a Clarkson goal has sent more people skidding off the road in the North Country than black ice and deer combined.

CHF: Any particular arenas you don’t like covering a game at?

Josh Bartell: Arenas... I hate Houston (RPI) because I dread heights. "The Messa Rink at the Achilles Center", because of the name and they stick us in horrible locations.

CHF: Getting back to doughnuts, take your pick, Tim Horton’s, or Dunkin’ Donuts?

Josh Bartell: Coffee, Tim's : Donuts, push:

CHF: Seeley said he's never been to either. Do you believe this?

Josh Bartell: Played softball and hockey with him and he’s in pretty good shape. I would buy it.

CHF: Speaking of staying in shape, we were wondering how much can you bench right now?

Josh Bartell: Bench was never my bag. Now if you want to talk squats... I still skate twice a week, with former Knights, Rodger Huiatt, Jamie Sutton, Gasper Sekelj. Good men's league up here. I lift in the summers with one of my kids and anytime Coley's in town.

CHF: What your team's name?

Josh Bartell: George's Tavern

CHF: Are you contenders for the league title?

Josh Bartell: I have been able to stockpile the team with former Knights who come back for grad school. Last year O'Flaherty and Evans were with us. Nate Strong was a tough guy for us one year. We are in contention again this year.

CHF: Did Nate take a 10 minute misconduct before the game in that league too?

Josh Bartell: No, but his first game saw him get his first game misconduct for fighting. A guy on our team had already been ejected so Nate, "didn't want him to have to drink alone in the locker room."

CHF: A couple weeks ago we heard your son broke his arm in a game? Is he back to 100%?

Josh Bartell: Back in November, first shift of the season gets hit from behind and breaks his wrist… Back playing with a cast within 3 weeks. He plays on a line with George's son.

CHF: One last question before we leave you. What's your favorite hockey cliche?

Josh Bartell: Any player that has no shot and hits the goalie square in the chest everytime: "Uh, I was trying to go five hole.”

CHF: Has your son ever said that?

Josh Bartell: They can't hit the net yet! The kids I coach miss the net so much the dasher behind looks like a herd of zebras.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd bet the marks on the dashers behind the net are from the coach, not the kids......

8:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what in the spirit of barry melrose were you thinking with that hair cut. let me guess this was part of some cruel hazing ritual.I noticed the hands tucked under the bicepts supporting them I can see why the bench would be a problem.

11:00 AM

Blogger Todd '86 said...

It WAS the 90's....a simpler, more innocent time....;-)

11:33 AM


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