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Thursday, March 09, 2006

CHF Interview with Josh Bartell - 3/9/2006

Josh Bartell, "Robin", to Bob Ahlfeld's "Batman" on Cool 95.3's broadcasts of Clarkson Hockey, joins us before this weekend's three game series to chat about hockey, steel cage matches, and the possibility of us getting a free beer on him. Josh has been broadcasting since 1998, and was a Golden Knight defenseman himself from 1992-1996, amassing a solid 207 penalty minutes in four seasons. He's pictured second from left, along with the rest of his golf foursome from 2003, Erik Cole, Chris Line and Marc Garceau. Yes pictures of this guy are this hard to find.

CHF: Cornell is pretty dominant at home. How does a team with as bad of a record on the road as Clarkson win two games in the hardest rink in the league?

Josh Bartell: I think when you have nothing to lose then a team can just relax and play hockey. You have to sell yourself on the fact that Lynah is a fun place to compete and turn their home ice advantage into motivating factor for you. This is what we used to do at the Gut when UVM was in their prime. I would rather play at Cornell then at Harvard. Much better atmosphere.

CHF: Who has to step up their play to give Clarkson a shot this weekend?

Josh: I don't know that he has to step it up (he has been playing well,) but this is the time of year that a goalie has to provide his team with a little MOJO. Leggio has that opportunity to play well and then give his team that added confidence.

When you go into a series like this, your best players need to be at their best also. Whatever your role is with the team it has to be executed to near perfection. The margin for error is so slim in the playoffs.

CHF: Any word on if Chris Brekelmans will be back in the lineup this weekend?

Josh: No idea... He is a tough SOB so likely if he can, he will.

CHF: Who are the guys on Cornell that you think this team will need to clamp down on to win?

Josh: Moulson & the Abbot brothers are very quick and hard to defend. The thing to guard against is that you can't spend all your effort trying to shut down Moulson's line, and then let your guard down when someone else is out. Cornell has good depth. The key against Cornell is to get the lead early and then keep it. It takes them out of their "comfort zone."

CHF: Any fond memories of Lynah Rink that you would care to share?

Josh: Non Clarkson related, The Empire State Games were in Ithaca and the hockey was hosted at Lynah, great hockey. I played for Central and we played Western in front of a near capacity crowd.

CHF: Have you been in touch with Coley (Erik Cole) since his recent injury? If so, how's he doing?

Josh: Just briefly... He is in a lot of pain, very uncertain on when he may be able to return.

CHF: Is it true that you've been considering coming out of retirement just to throw down with Brooks Orpik?

Josh: You know I am disappointed in the NHL for this reason: If they want to get rid of fighting then it is up to them to hand out greater punishment. Would that hit take place if Orpik knew he would get his jaw broken next time he played the Canes? Jail is a good deterrent not so much because you have to spend time away from your wife, rather you’re scared of what will happen to you once you get there.

CHF: I take you and Gary Mikel and put you in a steel cage. I leave a steel chair in the ring, and Bob is the ref. Who wins?

Josh: Chili wins by TKO, see what happens is that Bob in his excitement, knocks the steel chair into my head as I have Gary pinned to the mat. Knocks me out. I am not sure I would ever get into a steel cage with Gary and Bob.

CHF: That seems classic Vince McMahon to me. Speaking of refereeing, the guys in the stripes have been taking more lumps than usual on the message boards, are you noticing anything out there?

Josh: Actually I have not been that critical of the officials this season. I just want to see consistency in their calls through out the game and to not interpret a great hit for a penalty. Sometimes I think the officials see a big hit and panic, thinking that if two guys hit each other that hard then some one must get a penalty.

CHF: You’re off to Ithaca in a few hours, with a solid base of Clarkson fans following you shortly after. Any recommendations on pre or post-game venues?

Josh: You know I have only gone out once in Ithaca, not realy sure where to go before or after a game. The Statler Hotel on campus has a nice bar/lounge next to the lobby

CHF: Are you buying?

Josh: Bob is putting it on the Cool 95.3 tab. Just kidding, that will get him into trouble. If Clarkson wins then I am buying the first round in Albany.

CHF: So we’ll be seeing you in Albany next weekend?

Josh: It's no Lake Placid but I will be there.


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