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Friday, August 11, 2006

*** Stanley Cup Will Be at Clarkson Soon ***

For those of you reading this in the greater Potsdam area, news channel 9 out of Syracuse is reporting that Erik Cole and Stanley Cup is on it's way to Clarkson. No word to when or where it will make it's appearance, but if things hold true with the University, there will be plenty of complementary champagne.

Former Golden Knight Erik Cole is having his "Day with the Cup," which started earlier this morning with a celebration in Oswego, where Erik is signing autographs and people can have their picture taken with Lord Stanley's Cup. Keep an eye out the rest of the day. While Erik's plans are private, you'll never know where the Stanley Cup might appear, perhaps in Norwood? Maybe at Cheel? Maxfields? The bottom of a pool? Who knows!

As the Stanley Cup makes it around the world with the various members of the Carolina Hurricanes, the Hockey Hall of Fame is following the festivities and will be posting stories twice a week in their Stanley Cup Journal. Once Erik's entry is up, we'll be sure to post it!


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