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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bring it!

The esteemed MikeR our on again off again contributor dropped a bomb in the roundtable today, dropping the names of some teams that will apparently be facing the Golden Knights in non-conference play in 2007-2008.

Some of the names and games that could be making the cut:

  • @ LSSU - Do we get to bring our band?
  • UMass and Providence - Turning into a HE / ECAC Tradition
  • St. Cloud - A flip of the scores would be nice.
  • @Florida College Classic - Cornell, Maine and TBD.. Could be one of the best road trips ever!
  • Boston College - A former Clarkson coach returns?
  • @Colorado College - I HATE them in the post-season.

Right now we're looking at a schedule full of TUCs where a solid run in 2007-2008 could put us in a PWR position that Notre Dame, Denver, UNH and the like are in now. No doubt the Knights success in 2006-2007 is making it much easier for the staff to make their case!


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