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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where's the Beef?

It turns out a second child cuts down your blogging time in immense ways. As things begin to calm down you'll see a little bit more love. After all, we've just begun right?

I was fortunately enough to take in the Acadia exhibition on Cheel, which had an excellent turnout. No big changes at Cheel with the exception of some very classy banners promoting Clarkson's drive to raise some endowed hockey scholarships. Clarkson came out and played a very solid first period against Acadia, putting up four goals early on. It already looks pretty clear that the same offensive strategy is in effect this year. Clarkson successfully collapsed onto the net several times generating a lot of traffic and put home a couple of good rebounds. It was good to see Scott Freeman get his first goal.

After the first it seemed like everything pulled back. We saw Tim Potter in net for about half the game, and he played pretty well. It was nice to see the Knights playing with some semblance of patience as Acadia continually tried to goad them into fights and post-whistle hijinx. Fortunately we didn't take the bait and the DQ for Sunday.

If you were wondering that was the same Dale Good on the ice for the Acadia Axeman that played for Clarkson several years ago. Big thumbs up by the way to the Axeman fans that showed up. Several were seen milling about Club 99 and it was nice chatting with a few of them.

Unfortunately for the Knights, Sunday was not so good. a 3-2 loss to St. Lawrence. Fortunately I was on the road most of the game and missed it. It's really too early in the season to tell if SLU is going to be a strong team or not, but they played very well and they took advantage of opportunities, successfully screening David Leggio on faceoffs multiple times and putting home a seeing eye shot that pretty much put the game out of hand. As usual as the game wore down and the urgency increased the Knights were able to claw back a bit, and had their chances to tie it, but it was too little too late. Fortunately for us, the season is young, and a wake up call today is better than a wake-up call in two weeks.


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