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Sunday, March 02, 2008

And things get more interesting..

A quick update of the Women's PWR after today's games has opened up a Pandora's Box of scenarios for next. Clarkson has flipped comparisons with Connecticut after they were swept by UNH. Clarkson is tied in comparisons with Dartmouth, but loses the RPI tie-breaker with Dartmouth by .0004. Dartmouth will face St. Lawrence next weekend and Clarkson will face Harvard.

Now don't hold me to it, but the scenarios appear to play out like this.

UConn must not win the Hockey East Tournament. If they do, Clarkson must win the ECACHL Tournament to advance to the NCAAs.

If UConn does not win the Hockey East tournament, the Golden Knights should advance to the NCAAs with an upset over Harvard and a Dartmouth loss.

If the Knights lose and Dartmouth wins, I think that's all she wrote.

Should both teams advance to the Championship it's winner take all.

And if both teams lose, we'll be keeping a very close eye on every game going on in the country as the critical components of the RPI are: Teams Winning Percentage, Opponents Winning Percentage, and Opponents Opponents Winning Percentage. Clarkson certainly stands to benefit from the matchup against Harvard in this scenario with Harvard's superior winning percentage, plus less of a hurting due to playing more games than Dartmouth.

Still, there's good news everyone *cough*, definitely a possibility that a game between two teams who never faced Clarkson and Dartmouth and seem to have absolutely no relevancy could determine who makes it to the NCAA Tournament.


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