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Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Three Blind Mice!" to be replaced with "Your Fly Is Open!"?

I was going to post about "Clarkson players from years gone by", but felt since the beginning of the season is almost upon us, this topic is more pertinent. The NCAA has implemented a number of changes this year, some of which will cause heads to spin at Cheel and many eyes checked. One thing is certain, faceoffs and discipline will become all-important to bring home a Knight win.

1. 2 Referee/2-linesmen: The most controversial, yet IMO, required change that may open up the game (finally), removing the clutch and tackle tactics prevalent throughout college hockey. Particular emphasis will be placed on eliminating the holding or impeding of the puck carrier. The NHL has used this system successfully, eliminated the NJ Devil syndrome, and allowed the skilled, speedy, and sometimes smaller player to thrive. Many disagree with this, but one guy who knows about winning titles likes the change.

What does this mean to the Knights?: Specialty teams will determine games. A premium will be placed on skating. Do you think Coach Roll may have had a plan when he recruits? ;-). Expect to see 15-25 penalties called during the game early in the season. The PP needs to improve from last year. Hopefully Mr. Paquet has learned a few things the past few years.

2. Faceoff locations: The faceoff location after a penalty will now be in the defending zone of the offending team. Outside of the referee change, this one has the greatest potential to affect the game result.

What does this mean to the Knights?: Mr. D'Alvise have you taken your "Dodge" pills? Who recalls the Harvard match-up in the 2004 tournament? Faceoff wins just became key to a "W".

3. Pants with zippers must be zippered: Well....DUH?! I can only imagine if I got a penalty every time I walked around with my fly down.

What does this mean to the Knights?: The intermission just became that much more important to allow "breathing room". Bonesaw should have fun with this one. I expect to see new chants soon!

Those that want to see all the rule changes, just follow this nice link (originally found by JoeCCT). Also, Paul Stewart (Director of ECAC Hockey Officiating) provided some insight into the intent of the rules changes.

Enjoy and LGT!!!

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Blogger James W said...

I hope you know that is not where the zippers on hockey pants are located...........

7:45 AM

Blogger Mike said...

LOL. Yup.

10:02 AM


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