Did You Know: The Clarkson Hockey program has amassed 10,001 goals since the 1920-21 season?

Monday, March 30, 2009


As we all saw this weekend, truly anything can happen in the one and done format of the NCAA hockey tournament. We were two bounces away from seeing a frozen four consisting of three 4 seeds and one 3 seed. But even as the games went we all saw some history this weekend as the lowest seed from a nearly defunct conference won a pair of games and advanced to Washington DC.

Through the years it has been easy for Clarkson fans to say things to the extent of "We play well but we can never beat the big schools." I think this weekend showed that pairty has indeed showed up in college hockey and that every team has an equal chance when the puck is dropped. With the continued committment shown by the University the men's team can only look on this weekend and continue to improve, knowing that the little guy still does have a shot.


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