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Thursday, October 23, 2008

NHL Central Scouting "Players to Watch"

Clarkson recruits Nik Pokulok ('09), David Pratt ('09), Ben Sexton ('10), and Joe Zarbo ('10) were listed on the "Players to Watch" list for the 2009 NHL Draft.  Potential recruit David Pacan was also on the preliminary list.

Pokulok, Sexton, Zarbo, and Pacan were listed as "B" players.  Pratt was listed as a "C" player.

What is the criteria for the letter rating?
A-rating: Must see player predicted to be a potential 1st or 2nd round selection in the NHL draft.
B-rating: A player to note if a scout is in the area, a potential 3rd - 5th round selction.
C-rating: A player that Central Scouting is tracking, a potential late round selection.

Central Scouting will release their midseason rankings in January, followed by the final rankings in April.

Note:  Dependent on the source, Pacan is either being recruited by BC, Michigan St., and Clarkson or SLU, Rensselaer and Clarkson.  I'm making the broad assumption since Clarkson was noted in both articles that the Knights are the likely choice. Read:  Wishful thinking.  

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