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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How do you follow up a bad week-end? Invite the #1 team to Potsdam.

Knights split the week-end. 6-4 over RIT, and a 4-3 loss to Niagara. Discipline and defense. Not much else to say. Outshot over the week-end 79-51 and both goalies hung out to dry.

Karpowich named ECAC Rookie of the Week.
Offense - (D'Alvise, DeFazio, Tuohimma, the freshmen, etc all contributed).
Specialty teams - 2/8 on the PP, 12/14 PK.
Knights get one win?

Defense - 8 goals, 79 shots!
Discipline - 57 minutes in penalties, D'Alvise out for Friday's game with a DQ called at the end of the game.
Knights get one win?

RIT fans believing SLUt is better than Clarkson.
Colorado College up next...#1 in the country, 9-0-1 against Clarkson all-time.

Of course CC is also ranked #7 in this poll. We can only hope they use some during pre-game. Brings a new meaning to "Fire up the Bus!"

Note: "Good, Bad, (and Ugly)" used without permission from vicb.

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Blogger That Guy said...

I hate you for hyphening weekend.

9:58 PM

Blogger Todd said...

So is it time to call this a lost season yet? The guys have set a record for longest non-winning streak and haven't won since, well, since CHF was last updated. What's going on?

10:18 PM


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