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Friday, March 10, 2006

The blogosphere fluctuates!

Man, we just love saying blogosphere. Perusing the USCHO forums today, we happened to notice that the RPI Hockey Blog launched a couple of weeks ago underneath the radar. Apparently firefridgen.blogspot.com was unavailable. As Brett helpfully pointed out to me, it does appear to be very.. pink.

We've linked them up on the sidebar along with Colorado College Hockey Blog and Runnin' with the Dogs over at UMD. Sadly, we've removed the UMass-Lowell blog. After having a Quinnipiac like start at the beginning of the blogging season, they just dropped it. I thought this recent run over BC and Vermont might have rekindled the flame, but they're done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: the RPI blog - I've seen less pink on porn sites......not that I ever visit them.....

8:30 AM


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