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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Prospectus Is Here!

Clarkson Athletics has released it's 2006-2007 Men's Hockey Prospectus which is available on the web here, and also in PDF Format. Gary and crew over at Athletics always do a solid job every year putting this thing together.

In other news, Clarkson's Katie Morrison will be participating in the US Women's Festival this week in Lake Placid. She'll be attempting to make the roster for a three game series in Canada immediately following the festival.

No word on if the Stanley Cup ever made a pit stop at Clarkson on its way to the Cole residence. Erik's visit with the Cup was delayed due to some transportation issues, and when he finally got his hands on it and got it over to Oswego, some of the event festivities had to be abbreviated. Friend of CHF Eric Democko was fortunately to have a brief encounter with the cup (above). He also has a bunch of pictures of the festivities here. Clarkson Athletics has a nice shot of AD Steve Yianoukos, Erik, Coach Roll and Clarkson President Tony Collins, here. The Palladium Times also published an excellent article featuring Erik last week. Check it out.


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