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Monday, December 18, 2006

New Recruit and 2nd Half Thoughts

According to Chris Heisenberg's website, Clarkson has added defenseman Brent Sullivan from Brockville to the list of 2008 recruits. Sullivan is listed at 6' 2" and 188. So far this year he has 4 goals and 13 assists from the blueline.

Looking at the standings for the ECAC as we get ready for the second half, Clarkson sits in 3rd with 10 points, tied with SLU and Dartmouth. However, Clarkson has an advantage on half the league due to an unbalance number of games played. Here's the table right now with points earned and points remaining and possible points.

TeamPoints ForPoints RemainingPossible Points
St. Lawrence103040

Looking at the past 4 years the team that won the league has had 39, 30, 38, and 30 points respectivly. Looking at the possible points remaining it is hard to imagine that any team will finish with anything over 38 points this year, unless Clarkson, SLU or Cornell can win out. However a team that can finish in the range of 30-36 points will probably have the best shot at taking the league this year. Clarkson and SLU are in control of their own destiny right now, while Harvard, Dartmouth and Princeton might have too much ground to gain come playoff time. But then again, in a league were every team is in the playoffs, ground to gain is not to much of an issue.


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