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Saturday, March 08, 2008

And so it comes down to this.

The Women lost a hard fought battle against Harvard today at Bright Hockey Center 3-0, meaning their NCAA hopes dwindled on the off chance a bunch of things have happened.

So far they have:

  • UConn was eliminated from the Hockey East tournament (and NCAA contention) by Providence.
  • St. Cloud State was eliminated from the WCHA Tournament by Minnesota-Duluth.
  • Dartmouth lost to St. Lawrence in the ECAC Tournament.

After these three events, the Clarkson Women will still scoreboard watch and then see what the computers have to say at the end of the evening.

For any chance to remain:

  • Mercyhurst must defeat Wayne State in this evening's CHA Championship AND
  • The victory must not move the RPI in Dartmouth's favor by more than .0008.

How could the RPI move like this you say? Well remember, The RPI is
  • 30% Team's Winning Percentage
  • 24% Opponent's Winning Percentage
  • 46% Opponent's Opponent's Winning Percentage

My instinct tells me that Clarkson has faced both Mercyhurst & Wayne State this year, so it appears that this would be a wash for Tech, while Dartmouth has only faced Mercyhurst, which looks like it would hurt Dartmouth's RPI, but I'm no statistician.

This game will clearly affect the RPI the question is how much, and even more bizarre what if there was an RPI tie? Is it even possible?

Scoreboard watching begins in ten minutes!


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