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Saturday, March 08, 2008


Mercyhurst and Wayne State went to overtime in the CHA Championship this evening with several team's hopes in the balance coming down to the final games of the season.

In the end, the Lakers broke a 1-1 tie, giving Mercyhurst the CHA Championship, eliminating Wayne State from NCAA contention.

As the PWR stands after this evening's games, Clarkson remains in the #8 spot, with the Mercyhurst win. The victory only closed the crucial RPI gap between Dartmouth and Clarkson to .0006 in the Knights favor.

That being said, more scenarios stand in the way of the Knights making the NCAA tournament and thus scoreboard watching is still in play. (I feel like after every game, I find some other roadblock.)


  • UNH needs to win the Hockey East tournament.
  • Providence and Dartmouth have faced each other. Providence's game against must not change the RPI gap between Clarkson and Dartmouth by more than .0006.

We are fairly confident a UNH win will seal the deal, but no guarantees with the WOPR doing all of those computations.
All eyes on the Hockey East tomorrow for a 12:30p drop.


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