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Monday, August 28, 2006

Back to School! Isbister Gone.

That's right. Today is the first day of classes at Clarkson College of Technology, which can only mean one thing, hockey season is just one month away, as the women will open the season at Cheel on September 29th, with the men following just a week later. It's amazing how quickly time flys when your baseball team starts tanking the season!

Matt Isbister appears to be no longer with the Golden Knights, as he is competing for a spot on the Calgary Hitmen, according to this article in the Calgary Sun. Isbister had two goals and two assists for the Golden Knights in 26 games over the past two years.

The Pittsburgh Penguins added former Clarkson coach and AD Bill O'Flaherty to their staff as a scout. O'Flaherty was previously the Director of Player Personnel for the LA Kings before caught in the turnover that also claimed former Knight Dave Taylor. CSTV has an interesting article written by the Rink Rat, Elliot Olshansky that delves a bit deeper into a reported anti-college bias with the new Kings administration that might have lead to these releases.


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