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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Computer. Computer? Hello, Computer.

It's down to the computers..

UNH eliminates Providence from NCAA Contention

All of the needed wins and lossses have happened. Now we wait for the ECAC Hockey and WCHA Championships to conclude and see what the computer spits back out. The Golden Knights must have a higher RPI than Dartmouth to qualify for the NCAA Tournament. Keep checking back for the latest updates as we get them.

UPDATE: The results of the UNH / Providence game had a negligible effect on the RPI differential between Clarkson & Dartmouth

UPDATE #2: Harvard wins the ECAC and Minnesota-Duluth wins the WCHA. Final PWR shows Clarkson in the #8 slot with a .0006 win over Dartmouth in RPI. Barring any subjective decisions by the committee it looks like the Knights will get their first NCAA berth. Now we wait for the selections.


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