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Sunday, March 09, 2008


There's not much more than I can say than that. The selection committee will point to the head-to-head results between Dartmouth and Clarkson, but in the end, they've opened a pandora's box and the smoky backroom that college hockey fans have feared in both Men's and Women's Hockey.

Clarkson clearly won comparison's in RPI, common opponents and "Teams Under Consideration." The committee clearly decided that the amount that Clarkson won these comparisons did not outweight the single win Dartmouth took over Clarkson during the season.

While I will concede it's within the selection committee's rights to up and do whatever they want. The committee clearly decided to overlook the criteria they have consistently used in the past to determine the tournament participants, and that in itself will make the college hockey community very wary in the future.

The precedence has been set that head to head is now more important than how the entire season played out. They may disagree, but this is the Denver seeding flip from a couple of years ago, except it eliminated a team. They will say it was a difficult decision, but that's the reason why an objective system APPEARED to be in place over the past years.

With the Men's selection process upcoming, the mysterious appearance and disappearance of the .500 rule from the book, and eight WCHA teams currently in the field, don't be surprised if some decisions are made that you just might not be expecting.


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